Fancy Fantasy Futures of the Architect’s Mind

(2022, 2’04’’) – Anne Vera Veen

12.10.22 Anne Vera Veen
Fancy Fantasy Futures of the Architect’s Mind, (2022, 2’04’’) – Anne Vera Veen

Architectural renders are the visual representations of a future world. Buildings that are not yet constructed form the backdrop of rendered future happiness and utter perfectness. The little human silhouettes which are used in the render to give live to the architectural scene, are always carefree and flourishing, living out their best life in the sunny weather, surrounded by intriguing architecture. Architects present us with a visual narrative of perfect people in a perfect place, and as such shape imaginations of our future world.

Fancy Fantasy Futures of the Architect’s Mind explores the details of hyperperfection and idealization in the render of the Rijnhaven in Rotterdam by Barcode Architects. As the lyrics of Bohemian Rapsody are blaring through the rendered sky of the future of Rotterdam, we collectively ask ourselves: “Is this the real life, is it just fantasy?”


Film by Anne Vera Veen, as part of Arcam – Architecture Centre Amsterdam
Based on a render by Barcode Architects
With sound from Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Produced in the framework of the Film & Architecture studio organised by the Independent School for the City and the Architecture Filmfestival Rotterdam

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