Matthew Riches – Waterpaviljoen Sluisbuurt

'The Market Square'

12.05.21 Arcam

Matthew is een jonge architect uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk en werkzaam bij Studio Appelo. Hij heeft een passie voor ambachtelijk en duurzaam bouwen.

The Market Square
A design by Matthew Riches

Situated at the heart of the urban development in Sluisbuurt, the Waterplein offers an opportunity for state of the art water sports area. This proposal draws on the history of urban squares to offers an open and democratic space that acts as a centre point opening the site up to people from all backgrounds.

By utilising a timber lattice structure, connected using circular methods of construction, the pavilion provides a large spanning canopy which covers the a section of the square. On top is a viewing terrace and the mass is subtly rotated to address the large open spaces of the site to provide opportunities for views and spaces for activities in and around the pavilion. In the center of the structure is a grand stair case that faces towards the water, offering a place to sit and enjoy the energetic waterplein.

The open and neutral design offers opportunities for people from all backgrounds to gather in all manner of ways. In the day; a place to meet, to grab a coffee, to sit and watch the water sports. By night an open air cinema, a bar. The pavilion could also be envisioned as a backdrop to festivals, markets and larger scale activities throughout the year, creating a sense of community for the new inhabitants of the Sluisbuurt.

Masterclass Houtbouw

Dit plan is onderdeel van de Masterclass Houtbouw en de daarbij behorende online tentoonstelling van de voorstellen voor een houten paviljoen aan het Waterplein in de Sluisbuurt.

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