Artistic perspectives on Architecture: In/Exclusive building

Poster exhibition at Arcam



In which parts of Amsterdam do you feel safe and welcome, or perhaps not? Is the city made for everyone, or are there visible and invisible boundaries in the built environment that determine accessibility for a certain group? And how is the spatial environment represented in renders and visuals? And how does that relate to reality?

In the exhibition ‘Artistic perspectives on Architecture: In/Exclusive building’ you will discover through ten selected A0 posters how artists, architects and makers view the inclusiveness of our urban space.

Come to Arcam on 19 and 20 June during Amsterdam’s Architecture Days and visit the poster exhibition inside or outside on our quay.

We will continue this exhibition online at this page after the Architecture Days.

Meet the makers

1. Robin Beers

Robin Beers (28y) studies Architecture at the Academie van Bouwkunst. Robin lives in Amsterdam, but follows his education at the ArtEZ school in Arhnem. Besides his studies, he works as a designer at Inbo.

2. Colin Keays

Colin Keays (1994) is a spatial designer based in Rotterdam. With a background in architecture, his practice takes a critical approach to understanding the built environment while deconstructing the social, cultural and political forces that shape it.

3. Telma Caldas

As one of the co-founders of loom atelier, an independent creative studio based in Amsterdam, Telma Caldas is an architect with an extensive portfolio in comprehensive architectural and design services for international retail and hospitality environments, supporting clients develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look, enhancing the consumer experience. 


I believe that the spaces where we live and visit should always deliver a sense of happiness and belonging. 
Telma Caldas
4. Thijmen Hilhorst

Thijmen Hilhorst (1997), graduated in Spatial Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts, is a multidisciplinary designer with a great interest in translating concepts into architecture. Searching for the best translation of a subject, he uses different media and techniques to arrive at the best outcome for a design.

5. Rowan Siriram

Rowan Siriram works as a spatial designer under the name ‘Studio Rowan Siriram’. From his studio and workshop in the Houthavens of Amsterdam, he focuses on spatial design, installations and objects. With a background in illustration, he tries to respond to several senses of the human body through a retro-futuristic visual language. Within his work, Rowan engages in crossovers with directors, fashion designers and choreographers. In addition to his work as a spatial designer, he is also pursuing a master’s degree in Interior Architecture at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, where he is currently in the final phase.

6. Marjan van Herpen

Marjan van Herpen (GRA 1999, AvBA 2015) is an architect and partner in Clubhaus Architecten. Marjan prefers to focus on social issues, she investigates what she can contribute to changes in society from her profession. She focuses on the users and interaction between people, to create healthy communities. She asks questions and provides answers to how we want to live together now and in the future. She initiates research and uses research by design for the questions that are put to her. Marjan is able to involve other disciplines in design assignments and thus arrives at something new together.

7. Anna Torres

Anna Torres is a 4th year master student at the Amsterdam Academie van Bouwkunst. Born in France and having grown up in Canada, she moved to Amsterdam in 2017 to pursue her Master’s, after a Bachelor’s degree in Montreal. Through her work and personal drawings, she touches upon issues of gender and feminism, and their intricate relationship to the built environment. She is further pushing this topic within her graduation project, in which she is researching Amsterdam’s sex work industry and the design of its spaces.

8. Noor van der Voort

Noor van de Voort is a photographer and industrial designer with a 30-year career as a designer of mainly floor coverings. This involves colour, material, structure, perception, context and also designing on a square inche.

Currently Noor works as a photographer, but she still zooms in.

"I look at structures, materials and colors, but from the context of architecture and public space. I see the beauty of what many see as poverty, degradation, ugliness, impoverishment. "
Noor van de Voor
9. Sarah Pedlow

Sarah Pedlow makes photo-based works and textiles that honor traditional embroidery, handmade clothing, and home decor, exploring memory, folklore, and the intersections of culture, heritage, and identity in a globalized world. Residencies in Iceland; Oaxaca, Mexico; and The Netherlands, as well as textile research in Ukraine and Portugal, inform her current practice. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Scripps College (USA). Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she moved to Amsterdam in 2019, where she lives and works.

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