Launch On Camera! Pocket guide to surveillance in the urban habitat

+ Urban Camera Spotting Tour or Expo Tour



Our urban spaces are increasingly occupied by surveillance systems. In different forms and shapes (camera’s, traffic regulation sensors, wifi sniffing, … ) and managed by both private and public parties. As citizens we should become aware of our rights and risks. As designers and architects we should position our design practices within these technological futures.

Highlighting both the risks and advantages of surveillance and smart sensing networks in the urban environment, the objective of this afternoon is to shed light on the future of the surveillance city.

We start the afternoon with the launch of the Camera pocket guide titled ‘ON Camera! Pocket guide to surveillance in the urban habitat’. After the launch we invite you to either join a tour through the Arcam exhibition Private_Eye_Butler_Spy, or an urban camera spotting tour through the Marineterrein.

This programme is in English.

Programme and speakers

Arcam can be visited from 1pm on.

3.30 Walk in

4pm Welcome by Indira van ‘t Klooster, Arcam director

4.05pm Launch programme ON Camera! Pocket guide to surveillance in the urban habitat’ with contributors (names tba)

5pm Tour programme

Option 1: tour through Private_Eye_Butler_Spy by Anne Vera Veen, Programme maker Arcam (max 20 people)

Option 2: Urban camera spotting tour by Tom van Arman (max 20 people)

6pm Drinks at the Marineterrein at Pension Homeland

7pm End

Urban camera spotting tour

In Amsterdam there are on average 99 cameras for every square kilometer that monitor our streets sidewalks and common areas. ’How do we avoid a ‘Big Brother-esque scenario’ in the future?

To celebrate the launch of the camera pocket guide, Arcam’s Architect in Residence & future city maker Tom van Arman will take you on a smart camera tour to discover many of these sensors in their natural habitat. He explains what kinds of data these cameras collect and showcases how the insights are making the city safer, inclusive and more livable.

The 1 hour tour will examine how so-called ‘smart technology’ in the city can be designed in a responsible manner, taking into account social values ​​such as autonomy, privacy, transparency and inclusion. The tour Sstart at Arcam and ends at the Amsterdam’s inner city living laboratory: het Marineterrein.

Your phone should be well charged!

The Urban Camera Spotting Tour is made possible by the support of the City of Amsterdam

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