A stop-motion animation installation


Ecognosis, Work in Process

What would the world be like if humans were not around (anymore)? One of the most substantiated answers to this question can be found in the book “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman. He describes in detail how nature would take over everything (again) after the disappearance of mankind. Artist duo BetweenTwoHands visualises this process in the installation Ecognosis.

Ecognosis is a term by Timothy Morton (author of Dark Ecology). It means something like “getting used to something strange,” “slowly learning to know.

In a work of art that grows gradually, BetweenTwoHands depicts how microbes, insects and plants could begin to take over the world without us. The final result will be shown in October 2021, but all the intermediate stages can be visited continuously from 20 November 2020 in a special space at Arcam renamed the Panic Room.

BetweenTwoHands are artists Erin Tjin A Ton (NL, 1985) and Gosia Kaczmarek (PL, 1981). Erin and Gosia share a studio in Amsterdam since their graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

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