Expo Living Soil: A visual language for urban soil biodiversity

Maand van de Architectuur 2023



During the Amsterdam Architecture Month, we hand over the keys of the Arcam pavilion. All events and exhibitions are initiated and organised by others, under the supervision of Arcam.

Since January 2023, Inside Outside has been working on the research-by-design project ‘’Living Soil’’, a project supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL. In two Open Ateliers we have been working together with soil scientists from Naturalis, WUR and VU Amsterdam, ecologists, designers, artists, tree experts and designers from the Municipality of Amsterdam, landscape contractors, architects and urbanists on an informative two-dimensional artwork that shows the rich soil biodiversity in all its depth and functions.

In this pop-up exhibition, you will discover the final outcome of phase 1 of the project, presented together with small objects and drawings from the Open Ateliers.

The soil as a habitat is considered to be among the most biologically rich habitats on Earth, with greater biodiversity than aboveground. It is a hotspot for biological interaction. A healthy soil depends on a range of life forms living below the ground: from bacteria and fungi to tiny insects, earthworms and moles. Together, this rich biodiversity brings immeasurable benefits to life on Earth. It plays a vital role in mitigating climate change, storing and purifying water and preventing erosion.

As an artistic, technical and research team, we are developing an accessible visual language for “Life in the Soil” -with and for clients, governments, scientists, artists and the public- to inspire, inform, excite and direct, so that a positive approach to soil biodiversity is supported, funded and activated from within and across the board.

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