Feminist Spatial Practice

Online Panel Discussion



A feminist city is not a city defined and designed by women alone. It is a city in which differences in gender, race and physical limitations do not (or no longer) create inequality, and in which all users feel safe, seen, understood and recognized. This is one of the lessons from Afaina de Jong’s Feminist Spatial Practice Book Club.

A Feminist City may seem like a utopia for the time being, but it is certainly not an unachievable phenomenon. On April 14, 2021, Afaina continues her search for the meaning of feminism in architectural practice with a top-cast of speakers. With Leslie Kern (Feminist City), Brady Burroughs (Ahmed for Architecture Students) and Nirmal Puwar (Space Invaders), we will explore the phenomenon through questions such as: what does a feminist city look like? How can architects, clients and others contribute to it? What are possible obstacles? And what are the immediate benefits?

4.00 pm Introduction to the theme and the authors by Indira van ‘t Klooster
4.10 pm Discussion questions for Leslie Kern, Nirmal Puwar and Brady Burroughs.
4.30 pm Panel discussion with the three authors and Afaina de Jong
5.00 pm Closing with Afaina de Jong (intentions/results/conclusions)
5.15 pm Q&A session

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