Private_Eye_Butler_Spy officially opened by Marleen Stikker

Please join us for the opening of the new exhibition



Marleen Stikker, founder of Waag, will officially open Private_Eye_Butler_Spy on Friday 11 March 2022 at Arcam.

In this new exhibition, you will discover the impact of increasing use of technology in and around our homes. Marleen believes that society needs open technologies to tackle social challenges. She leads Waag, a social enterprise that consists of a research institute for creative technologies and social innovation and Waag Products, that launched companies like Fairphone, the first fair smartphone in the world.

Please join us for the festive opening, starting at 5pm. Register for the opening to keep updates related to this event.

Opening programme

5pm  Doors open
5.15 pm  Welcome by Indira van ‘t Klooster (Director Arcam)
5.20 pm  Introduction on the exhibition and the design of the exhibition by Anne Vera Veen (Program maker Arcam) and Hanna Rudner (architect and exhibition designer Private_Eye_Butler_Spy)
5.35 pm Official opening by Marleen Stikker (founder, director and board member of Waag)

Ongoing: Performance Digital Esoterism by Ginevra Petrozzi.

After the official opening you can explore the entire Arcam pavillion yourself, from the cockpit on the top floor to the street level, the entire building is dedicated to Private_Eye_Butler_Spy, even the toilet!


Performance Digital Esoterism

At the invitation of Arcam, Ginevra Petrozzi will do her performance Digital Esoterism, in which she reads your future through your smartphone.

Ginevra Petrozzi (b. 1997, Rome, Italy) is a designer, artist and practising witch currently living and working in The Netherlands. She works, creates and performs magic engaging with technologies, restructuring diverse relationships between nonhuman and human beings. Currently, she is exploring the possibilities of occult practices within the landscape of contemporary techno-politics. In this framework, she took the role of ‘digital witch’, reclaiming the archetypal role of the sorceress as a healer, and as a political rebel for digital care. Fusing installation, performance, video and witchcraft she aims to re-shape the way in which the digital and physical realms inform and influence each other.

In Digital Esoterism performance, Petrozzi places Tarot in a digital perspective and reads our realities using smartphones, like one would read a Tarot card. Ads based on your Google search history, suggested Instagram posts linked to online interests: what do these modern signs, this automated flow of content algorithms fill our phones with daily, say about us and our future?

Exhibition partners

Concept and development
Indira van ‘t Klooster, Anne Vera Veen, Finn van Tol, Agnese dell’Omo (Arcam)

Exhibition Design
Hanna Rudner, creatively supported by [impromptu] team: Allard Meijer, Andreea Pirvan, Clara Beckers, Diana Dungyova, Hadrien Cassan, Hanna Rudner, Hannah Sheerin, Jesse Verdoes, Kaj Boonstra, Kat Bruh, Kim Sinnige, Pascal Henle, Pepijn Determann, Ron Barten.

Graphic design
Hanna Rudner, Andreea Privan

With contribution by
Allard Meijer, Carla Alcalà Badias, Elisa Giaccardi, Hanna Rudner, Iohanna Nicenboim, Jana Culek, Jonas Hejduk, Koen Verheijden, Kuba Jekiel, Paul Kuipers, Paul van den Bergh, AI Space Factory, Autodesk, Benthem Crouwel Architects, Coornhert Gymnasium, Dam & Partners, Dutch Datacenter Association, Equinix, gemeente Amsterdam, AMS Institute, Responsible Sensing Lab, Iconic Houses, iuppiter, MX3D, NEMO Science Museum, Scrap XL, Canadian Center for Architecture, The Henry Ford Museum, The Incredible Machine, Thingscon, Ugo la Pietra archief, UNSense, UNStudio, Waterschap Amstel Gooi en Vecht/Waternet, Woven Studio.

With financial support by
Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten

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