Pee Privacy

Experience the new installation by Woven Studio in the toilet of Arcam!



PEE PRIVACY WARNING: Before you flush, please accept the terms and conditions

When visitors of the exhibition Private_Eye_Butler_Spy want to flush the toilet, they first have to accept the terms and conditions. Sewer Surveillance data is ramping up. We flush away our data without our consent. Pee Privacy by Woven Studio makes you aware of this.

From 1 June 2022, Arcam will charge an entrance fee to visit the gallery and the exhibitions. Buy your ticket online via the ticket button or at the box office.

Toilet water contains information for, for example, obtaining general data on public health. What data could be extracted from our urine in the future? And to what level? Woven Studio’s Pee Privacy Project draws attention to the fact that even your poo or pee contains data, and that you flush it away mindlessly every day.

“If we do not watch out we flush the last bit of our privacy through the toilet."
Embassy of the free pee

Woven Studio is the artist led studio combining science and art to further humanity, founded by artist Thijs Biersteker and Studio Director Sophie de Krom.

Pee Privacy is part of the exhibition Private_Eye_Butler_Spy. This exhibition dives into the impact of the use of technology in and on the built environment, on display until 26 June 2022.


Pee Privacy Project, 2022, sustainably produced by Woven Studio: Thijs Biersteker, Sophie de Krom, Marlies Olbertijn, Tom Bekkers, Bart Kallenbach, Nathan Pottier, Madelief Broekman.

Legal Advise Morea van Bossé

Commissioned by: Arcam

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