The Sensitive City



The exhibition The Sensitive City delves into the significance of human senses and emotions in the urban atmospheres of Havenstad and Mercatorplein, curated by  Arcam’s Architect in Residence  Jacopo Grilli (urban planner and artist). On Friday afternoon, July 5th, Arcam will open its doors for concluding talks and the opening of the exhibition.

About the exhibition

This multidisciplinary exploration evaluates the centrality of these places within their geographical and cultural context. Disciplines ranging from fine art to urbanism, music composition to movement and choreography studies, have contributed to the sensorial representation of these locations. The exhibition invites reflection on senses such as balance, movement, auditory, and visual perception as integral to the process of designing and experiencing the city.

Opening event
5 July

On Friday afternoon, July 5th, Arcam will open its doors for a double opening event.

  • We start the afternoon with a mini-symposium (3-5pm) on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition ‘Form Follows Finance – The City as Spreadsheet.’ Carolien Schippers (Director of Land and Development, City of Amsterdam) will open the exhibition at 5.15pm
  • The symposium is followed by festive drinks
  • At 7.30pm, the opening of The Sensitive City will commence, featuring a brief lecture program by Jacopo and his team (Luc Deleu (BE), Amit Gur (NL), Anita de Franco (IT), and Rebecca Wijnruit (NL))

During the evening, Architect in residence Jacopo Grilli, along with project collaborators, will inaugurate the exhibition. They will offer insights into the research process and its outcomes through a pitch session and public presentation. Presenters include Luc Deleu (Architect, TOP Office), Anita De Franco (Urbanism Researcher), Amit Gur (Composer), and Rebecca Wijnruit (Dancer).

It is entirely up to you which of the three parts you want to attend. Let us know by signing up for the event!

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