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The period 2000 – 2030 is a fascinating era, in which we went from boom to bust, from which the city is slowly recovering. The influence of corona on the development of the city is the next big challange. In recent decades, the context surrounding housing, commissioning, spatial ambitions and metropolitan projects has changed radically on several occasions. We chart these changes with our new timeline: Amsterdam 2000 – 2030.

An awful lot has happened in the city over the past twenty years. From the development of the Zuidas to the commotion around the Sluisbuurt highrise. From the bulky Whale building to the high-rise building the Pontsteiger. And from old icons like the Silodam to new icons like the North South Metro Line. At Arcam you can now travel through the last two decades of Amsterdam with the new timeline.

The growth and decline of a city

From the year 2000, Amsterdam entered a turbulent period in which the city both grew and shrank in numbers. The developments of the city during this period are explained using data from the Central Bureau for Statistics. You can experience the crisis through the declining numbers of building projects and housing. Or discover the gigantic growth of the last five years displayed in bar graphs and line charts.

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Sources: gebouwdin.amsterdam.nl, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, nominees and winners of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize, de Zuiderkerkprijs and the Arcam POCKETS.

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