Gruesome Sneak Peek ‘Playing Architecture – the City in Play’

Ode to Frances, Roos Groothuizen and Isa van Weert, 2022

29.11.22 Arcam

A gruesome dollhouse is what media artist Roos Groothuizen and set designer Isa van Weert are currently putting the finishing touches on. The final details – blood and pictures on the wall – are now being added. Are you wondering, what is this about? Keep reading! This is a sneak peek of one of the games you can play in the exhibition “Playing Architecture – the City in Play’.

Please join us for the opening on Friday afternoon 9 December, 5pm.

Miniature crime scenes

Frances Glessner Lee (1878–1962)’s Nutshell Studies resemble dollhouses but are far from idyllic. In the 1940s, this forensic scientist crafted miniature crime scenes as an aid to solving murders, analyzing what a home reveals about the life lived within it. E

Teleported to 2022

Eighty years later multimedia artist Roos Groothuizen and set designer Isa van Weert translates Lee’s ‘Three-Room Dwelling’ into the present. Increasingly homes feature smart technology. The software and logs ‘know’ a great deal about the users’ activities. What electronic traces would this crime have left in a smart home? What would the technology tell us about the case and about modern homes?

Come and play and find out for yourself!

The exhibition ‘Playing Architecture – the City in Play‘ is on display from 10 december ’22 intul 28 May 2023 at Arcam.