Reclaimend Amsterdam 2040 – Spatial Protocols for Collective Construction

Geselecteerd uit de Open Call for Papers door Raumplan en Arcam

20.12.22 Gianna Bottema

Reclaimed Amsterdam 2040 illustrates the potential of a speculative city, in which monopolised parts of foreign owned real estate have been expropriated by the city and returned to its residents in a cooperative model. This farsight reflects on the potential of a radical scenario and argues for a reconsideration of the spatial dimensions and protocols of ownership that govern cooperative projects today.

I Body-environment. The act of personification takes place within a collective used environment in search for independence and withdrawal. The direction and materiality of the body[1]environment is designed to enable self-stabilisation. The space acts as an extension of the body, and is directed by comfort; sealed to prevent energy loss or opened to increase air quality. As a scientific construction, a thermal sensation or as an atmospheric notion of well-being, the body-environment provides different variations of personal space.

II Spiritual entity. The body[1]environment forms a spiritual space constructed to store collected elements, objects, memories or resources. Its constellation operates in between states of consciousness; between being alone and together, awake and asleep, interiority and exteriority, past and present, and between architecture and landscape.

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