Summer Architecture Walk Brutalist and Iconic Zuidas

18 August and 8 September 2024

27.06.24 Arcam

Join us as we explore fascinating developing neighborhoods during the 2024 architectural summer walks in July, August, and September. As of 2024 we offer one of the tours in English: the former business district Zuidas transforming into a vibrant living and working neighbourhood with impressive housing blocks and office buildings.

Did you know there are several Brutalist buildings in Zuidas? During this walk, we will guide you past these imposing structures towards the new icon of Zuidas: Valley.

We begin the walk with residential developments. The recently completed Stepstone project by LEVS Architects is the first social high-rise in Zuidas, featuring 216 social housing units. The Pulse of Amsterdam is a U-shaped multifunctional complex with residences, offices, and cultural facilities, designed by MVSA and VMX, and is still under construction. In June, the first step was maid  for an impressive urban forest at a height of 35 meters by Delva Landscape & Urbanism.

A bit further along, PI59 (the new headquarters of Philips) and the Strawinskyhuis have been transformed and renovated into high-quality office buildings. The Brutalist PI59 from the 1970s was extensively remodeled by V8 Architects. The original solid concrete and closed character were replaced with curved windows and abundant glass, creating a lighter and more elegant appearance. The Brutalist character remains, though softened and adorned with more ornaments. The renovation took eighteen months, with extra sustainable measures and a green environment, including a rooftop garden and a pocket park.

Then there’s the Old Courthouse by Ben Loerakker, designated a municipal monument in 2013. With the temporary and new Amsterdam Courthouse, a new purpose has been found for the old courthouse: a museum for contemporary art, where art is also created. An interesting fact is that the grandson, Jan Loerakker, also an architect, is involved in the current developments of the building.

Finally, we arrive at the Valley: a true eye-catcher with its bold and distinctive architecture. The three towers – with their spectacular cantilevered apartments – together form the plant-covered Valley, a residential and office building in Amsterdam’s Zuidas, designed by MVRDV in collaboration with renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf.

Visitor Information

Dates: August 18 and September 8, 2024

Start times: 3:00 PM in English
Meeting point: To be announced
Tickets: €15
We Are Public:

Ticket holders will receive an email on the Friday before the walk with the latest information and a reminder of the meeting location.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or canceled.

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