Waterfront Walks

Crossing the IJ river

26.03.21 Arcam

Together with architour, we will organise weekly tours in the spring and summer of 2021 from Arcam to the IJ-riverbanks, an area in full development (once the corona measures are lifted).

Ever since the 19th century there have been discussions in Amsterdam about possible constructional connections between the southern and northern IJ-banks. In recent years, Amsterdam-Noord has been undergoing rapid development, making the demand for better riverbank connections more urgent than ever. Despite the arrival of the North-South line, the ferries are crowded during rush hours.

At the end of June 2020, the Advisory Committee on linking the riverbanks, headed by Alexander D’Hooghe, professor of urbanization at the University of Leuven, issued a new advice. The proposal recommends two bridges, a pedestrian tunnel and new ferries. Join us on a bicycle tour of the IJ banks to see the locations of existing and planned riverbank connections!

During the tour an architect from the architour team will explain the historical background and urban coherence, show plans and propose future scenarios. There will also be ample opportunity for discussion. What should it be: a living bridge with park and housing? A tunnel with vortex as entrance? What to do with the Cruise Terminal? And what do local residents think of the plans?


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