Kinan Fleihan – Waterpaviljoen Sluisbuurt


12.05.21 Arcam

De grootste interesse van Kinan Fleihan, sinds 2020 werkzaam bij Space&Matter, ligt bij de toekomstige uitingen van de architectuur en spatial design, in relatie tot nieuwe technologieën in de wereld van de kunst, design en ecologie.

A design by Kinan Fleihan

Sluis-schildpad is a playful intervention into a playful urban space, reflecting on one of the initial targets of the urban design atlas, encouraging physical activity and watersports, thus the response here comes in a form of a pavilion capable of changing both location and function, in a process that engages the users in collaborative and coordinated physical activities.

It stems from the unstipulated and borderless nature of the place, after all, in the square made of water, fixating on a single spot felt like a missed opportunity, and the choice was made to keep it open for interpretation in the true sense of the word, and creating a space that builds on Dutch traditions both old and new, old as in the art of shipbuilding, and new as in the active lifestyle.

The form itself is informed by structural logic, tracing the lines of force distribution, and translating it into a reciprocal wooden space frame structure that places material only where the material is structurally needed, embodying sustainability principles in material saving.

Masterclass Houtbouw

Dit plan is onderdeel van de Masterclass Houtbouw en de daarbij behorende online tentoonstelling van de voorstellen voor een houten paviljoen aan het Waterplein in de Sluisbuurt.

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