A house is a house is a house



RESCALED is a European network organisation that supports the use of detention houses instead of large prison institutions.

Join their livestream, with among others Arcam-director Indira van ‘t Klooster, on Tuesday 15 June from 4pm-5pm.

A house is a house is a house

What is the variation in the different types of houses? ‘In the Netherlands, there are many great examples of small-scale housing forms that could (partly) be used as detention houses. They have been around for decades and are already being used in many different ways. So…we have the houses…we have the knowledge … and we have the network … Why are people still going to prison instead of going to different types of houses? We will talk about this during the Livestream ‘A house is a house is a house.’

In 2021... many different types of (detention) houses are fully integrated into communities)
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