Barcam Architecture Café



The Barcam committee warmly invites you to the second edition on Thursday 6 July, starting at 6pm.

Barcam is Amsterdam’s new monthly architectural café on the first Thursday of the month, by and for architects and everyone from the building industry in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region.

Barcam will be your hub for inspiration, with good company, drinks and an informal short programme. Meet like-minded and new people from the architecture field and share the latest news.

Thursday 6 July
Summer theme: Marineterrein

While a many Amsterdam residents seek relief from the heat by swimming at the Marineterrein, it is important to note that this popular location is not officially designated for swimming due to strict regulations and variable water quality.

Nevertheless, data regarding water quality and visitor statistics have been consistently gathered at the Marineterrein. In this summer edition, we will utilise the collected data to delve into the challenges associated with swimming within the city. To facilitate this discussion, we have invited Tom van Arman, an expert in ‘Smart City’ strategies and the creation of future-proof cities, to join us at 7pm.

All this will, of course, be accompanied by summer drinks. If the weather permits, take on the challenge, and plunge into the Oosterdok!

The next edition will take place after the summer holidays on Thursday 7 September.


On behalf of the Barcam committee

Katja de Winter (Ponec De Winter), Surya Steijlen (LEVS architecten), Sanne Oehlers (Mecanoo), Wilco van Oosten en Robin Beers (INBO), Valentijn Kaal (AM), Judith Tillie (Woonzorg Nederland), Sjaan van der Tol (Arcam)


Do you also find an architect’s café important? Then let’s make Barcam a roaring success and make sure you join us. Reserve your spot now through the online form.

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