Barcam Architects Café #7


Join our Monthly Barcam Architects Café in Amsterdam: your gateway to networking and inspiration

Barcam is the monthly gathering for architects and construction professionals across the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), held every first Thursday of the month.

Barcam continues in 2024. Make sure to mark every first Thursday of the month in your calendar!

Theme 1 February: Nightlife X Urban Development

Our nightlife is an important and indispensable part of Amsterdam. Due to factors such as the city’s growth and an increasing lack of space, the nightlife is facing growing pressures. What future developments await Amsterdam’s nightlife? On February 1st, Barcam will engage in a conversation about nightlife and how it relates to the architecture and development of our city.

Guest speakers:

  • Shunyata Ossewaarde – Shunyata works as a policy advisor for Arts & (Night) Culture at the City of Amsterdam. Recently, she collaborated with the nightlife team to draft the Nightlife Implementation Agenda 2023-2026.
  • Joost Aartsen – Joost is a born entrepreneur with a creative mind. He is the founder of The House of Someone Else, bar Multipla, and the recently closed Sissi’s, which, after a temporary lease, must make way for housing development.
  • Freek Wallagh – Freek Wallagh was elected as the new night mayor of Amsterdam in March. In this role, Freek advocates for the interests of the night. He is also a poet and political scientist.
  • Joost Baks – Joost, along with his brother Gijs Baks, is the founder of the architectural firm Space Encounters. Music, dance, and the nightlife of Amsterdam are already part of the Space Encounters culture. The firm has been commissioned by Lofi to design a sustainable spatial vision for the expansion of the Lofi Warehouse and the renovation of the Courtyard.
  • Bram van Grinsven- Bram works as an independent architect and at the design firm Wiel Arets. He is one of the designers of club Raum and recently won a competition to design a club on top of the Maassilo in Rotterdam.

Doors open: 6pm
Short panel discussion: 7pm – 7.30 pm
Language: the panel discussion will be in English 

When en How

Date: Thursday 1 February 2024
Tijd: doors open from 6pm. No registration required
Location: Arcam, Prins Hendrikkade 600
Language: English

Drinks are reasonably priced.

Barcam Committee

Barcam is organised by Katja de Winter (Ponec De Winter), Surya Steijlen (LEVS architecten), Sanne Oehlers (Mecanoo), Wilco van Oosten and Robin Beers (INBO), Valentijn Kaal (AM), Judith Tillie (Woonzorg Nederland), Jaap van den Hoogen and Juliette Zegers (de Architekten Cie.), Ammar Alhoushi (Ammodo) and Sjaan van der Tol (Arcam).

Barcam warmly welcomes Ammar Alhoushi to the committee!

About Ammar:

“I am a Syrian architect currently pursuing a master’s degree in Heritage and Memory studies at the University of Amsterdam and working with the Ammodo Architecture Program, using my background to support innovative projects in social and ecological architecture, especially in the Arab world. I get excited to explore architecture that break down boundaries and build bridges across the borders that define it. I am also invested in my career to understand how public space reflects a society’s collective memory, to sustain the urban environment.”

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