Fluid Matter – Designing with water in Amsterdam



The Amsterdam water system regulates water levels and quality in one of the most densely populated areas of the Netherlands. Due to the urban growth and climate change, the system will be increasingly strained in the future. This means that choices have to be made, but this situation also offers opportunities for new ways of dealing with water. What choices do we have? How can we design with the water?

In the interactive exhibition ‘Fluid Matter – Designing with water in Amsterdam’, you will discover this complex water system through four new scale models: Houthavens/Haven-Stad, North/Schoonschip, City Centre/Kattenburg and IJburg/IJmeer.

Through interactive models you will discover the effects of your choices on your surroundings. This exhibition shows that water is literally liquid matter for a climate-proof city

Opening hours and tickets

Opening hours
Tuesday – Sunday, 1-5 pm

Entrance fee 2022:

From 1 June 2022 onwards Arcam will charge admission to the gallery and exhibitions

Adults: €4.00
Students: € 2.00
Entrance 0-12 years: € 0.00
Entrance 12-18 years: € 0,00
accompanying person of a visitor with a disability: € 0,00


Exhibition Partners

3D.Amsterdam (Wietse Balster en team), AdamNet (Frank Meijer), Amsterdam Rainproof (Lotte Lalleman, Kasper Spaan), Amsterdam Time Machine (Julia Noordegraaf, Daan Groot), Barcode architects, Beelen CS, D66, Ossip van Duivenbode, Gemeente Amsterdam – Ruimte en Duurzaamheid, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Marianna Bonellou, Gonçalo Melo, Nina Post, Nupur Priya, Martijn de Waal), IABR – Atelier Dordrecht, Ranjith Jayasena, Sjoukje Kloostra, Folkert Meijer, Jolein Melis, Metropoolregio Amsterdam – Resilience by Design, OBA (Ruud Yap, Marc Vos), One Architecture (Lot Locher, Bart Aptroot), Other Spheres (Karlijn Besse, Stephanie Tseggai), Anna Peschier, ROM Klimaatadaptatie, Ruben Snitselaar, Space&Matter, Studio KU+, De Toren van Klinker, Waternet (Anne Schopman, Hilga Sikma, Annemieke Compagnen en vele anderen), Waterstudio.NL, Thijs de Zeeuw, VenhoevenCS, ZJA

With financial support by Waterschap Amstel Gooi en Vecht, The European Media Art Platform (EMAP) co-funded by the European Union, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, City of Amsterdam, and all 5D ExpoLab sponsors