Out of Office – Amsterdam Models on the Move

Summer exhibition 2023



This summer, we are transforming Arcam’s gallery into an open office space! A selection of 34 maquettes representing Amsterdam projects, many of which are still under construction, will journey from architects’ and clients’ offices to a new office setting complete with desks, desk lamps, post-it notes, plants, and filing cabinets.

Activate your own “Out of Office” and join us for this extensive maquette exhibition, running from July 20th to September 10th, 2023 at Arcam.


Amsterdam is developing rapidly within its city limits. A selection of 37 scale models of Amsterdam projects showcases the transformation of former industrial, commercial, and sports areas into new mixed-use neighborhoods. In line with the city’s policy of multicentric development, areas such as Sloterdijk, Oostenburg, Buiksloterham, and Zuidas are gaining their own distinct character. Living, working, shopping, and recreation are mixed within high-density complexes.

The scale models of a bicycle parking facility and a heat transfer station demonstrate that densification and sustainability also require new infrastructure. Additionally, the use of wood as a sustainable building material is becoming more visible in the city, as shown in the scale models of HAUT, Stories, and Cooperative Housing De Warren. Finally, we present models at the urban planning scale, such as neighborhood models of Schimmelstraat and Klaprozenbuurt, and area models of Sloterdijk Stationskwartier and Zuidasdok.

The exhibition ‘Out of Office – Architectural Models on the Move’ brings the development of contemporary architecture to life. The scale models are artworks in themselves, ranging from detailed and delicate presentation models to sturdier models for community participation, and even touchable 3D-printed models. Samples of façade materials bring the buildings closer to reality. Spread across all districts of Amsterdam, the 37 scale models provide a comprehensive overview of Amsterdam in motion.

Photo Exhibition Rufus de Vries

Photographer Rufus de Vries went in search of the multiformity and uniqueness of the multicentric city. The photographic reportage of this search will be on display simultaneously with ‘Out of Office’ at Arcam from 21 July to 10 September 2023, with a city talk on 5 September.

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