Sensitive Excursion through Haven-Stad

Bike and moving tour



Explore the sensory qualities of urban spaces in Amsterdam together with Arcam’s first Architect in Residence of 2024, Jacopo Grilli.

Join Jacopo on a cycling and moving tour on Thursday 6 June and explore the idea of water and emptiness as the centre of Haven-Stad. The tour will be in English and guided by Jacopo Grilli (urbanist and artist) and Rebecca Wijnruit (dancer and choreographer).

For whom?

The excursion is focused on architecture professionals, thinkers and creators of the city, but open to students, citizens and passionate urban explorers.

If we want to design and experience better cities we should observe and stimulate the sensations that certain spaces retain in their physical and emotional perception.
Jacopo Grilli
Put senses in motion

Inspired by the goal of Amsterdam becoming a polynuclear city, Jacopo Grilli together with other artists, will be identifying urban centres in two excursions. During these excursions the senses are put in motion to recognize the centres that the city is designing and phenomenologically generating. Visitors will map the city through combinations of visual, tactile, thermal, auditory, and performative arts.

How do senses alter or improve the experience of the city? How can mapping of sensations improve the design discipline? In polynuclear Amsterdam what is the difference between designed and phenomenologically generated centres?

Emptiness as a centre
By Rebecca Wijnruit & Jacopo Grilli

“The sense of balance and movement will be our tools to investigate the emptiness of the water as the centre of the harbour, soon to become another piece of the city. With the support of a professional dancer we will learn how to move in space by exploring it and following a simple, yet emotionally oriented choreography. Meditation, balance and movement will raise the awareness between human and urban dimensions.”

The goal of the excursion
New design tools

The goal of the excursion is to bridge and mediate between the traditional and current design tools with a new perspective that senses, phenomena reading and interpretation can provide. The registration of feelings generated by urban spaces and situations can provide new design tools for the creators of the city.
The final result of the research and excursions will be an exhibited reportage of those experiences that will provide the city with a compendium of atmospheres that the city can generate.

Practical information

Sensitive cycling excursion Haven-Stad
Date: 6 June 2024
Time: 3-5pm
Starting location: End of Silodam (next to Silodam 402, 1013 AW Amsterdam)
End Location: NDSM
Bring your own bike
Dress code: See colour palette below. You are kindly asked to dress according to the palette.
Tickets: €10,- Regular / € 5,- Student
Please note that the excursion will be filmed as part of the Sensitive City research reportage. (The body movement will be filmed, not your face) If you prefer not to be filmed during the excursion, please send an email to

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