Jacopo Grilli and Carolien Schippers are Arcam’s new Architects in Residence!


15.02.24 Arcam

The selection committee, consisting of Kuba Jekiel, Marjolein van Eig, and Marisa Cortright, has selected Jacopo Grilli and Carolien Schippers, who they believe excelled in both originality and relevance.

“We value their connections both to the design challenges in the city and how they specifically connect to Arcam as a platform. The content of the proposals is solid, to-the-point and highly original. We are looking forward to the outcome and the impact of these residencies on the public debate in the city and the design community.”



Arcam looks back on a successful Open Call, which received responses from around the world. Partnerships were formed with architects and researchers from Belgium, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, the United Kingdom, and America. Half of the proposals came from young and emerging talents, while the other half came from architects in the middle and end of their careers. They were all connected to a wide variety of specific locations in the Amsterdam region, ranging from the city center to Zuidoost, IJburg, Zuidas, and Nieuw-West. They are all of high quality and address numerous design themes, such as architectural typologies and layouts, the 30-kilometer city, the polycentric city, waste management, AI, community building, and personal experiences.

Architect in Residence #1 Jacopo Grilli

Project Title: The Sensitive City
Architect in Residence: 
Jacopo Grilli (IT)
Collaborators: TOP Office (Luc Deleu) (BE) + Amit Gur NL/BE) + Anita de Franco (IT) + Rebecca Wijnruit (NL)

Synopsis: This project focuses on exploring the sensory qualities of urban spaces in Amsterdam. By registering and observing the sensations experienced by inhabitants, the project aims to evaluate the qualities of urban spaces from a new perspective. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, including visual, tactile, thermal, auditory, and performative arts, the project seeks to create a comprehensive understanding of the city’s atmospheres. The final result will be an exhibited reportage providing insights into the sensory experiences of urban environments. 

You can find detailed information about this research by clicking the button.

Architect in Residence #2 Carolien Schippers

Project Title: Cityguide to Waste – Amsterdam Wastescapes
Architect in Residence:
Carolien Schippers (NL)
Romea Muryn and Francisco Lobo (Locument, PT/UK/PL)

Synopsis: This project aims to shed light on the often overlooked spaces of waste within the city. By examining the spatial practices related to waste management, the project seeks to raise awareness among both professionals and the general public. The goal is to create a speculative city guide that explores hidden waste spaces, encouraging reflection on our relationship with waste and the potential for design interventions in transforming wastescapes.

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