Spatial Slow Down by Degrowth

Academic lecture by Federico Savini 



Following the exhibition ‘Slow How – Spatial Slow Down‘, Arcam is hosting a lecture by Federico Savini (Associate Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at the University of Amsterdam) on degrowth theory on Tuesday 5 March 2024 at 4 pm.

The exhibition ‘Slow How – Spatial Slow Down’ encourages a slower pace in area development, a process often dominated by time and money. In response to this rapid development, Arcam has created a ‘slow key’, emphasizing often overlooked values in spatial design. One way to slow down is by adjusting the theory of degrowth.


This theory provides a comprehensive and robust critique of the growth-centric approach to space, society, and the economy. During the lecture, Federico Savini (UvA) will discuss alternative structures for spatial development and the requirements for these changes.

Using the values of the Slow Key as a basis, he will explore how degrowth theory aligns with the concept of ‘Slow How’. How can values such as circularity, commons or true price be accomplished in spatial developments by the use of the Degrowth theory? How can architects and urban planners adjust the Degrowth theory in their work?

On Federico Savini 

Federico Savini is Associate Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at the University of Amsterdam. He combines approaches of political sociology, urban planning and critical geography to the study of institutions and socio-spatial change in cities. In his works, he studies the politics that drive institutional change, focusing on the different sets of regulations that shape the working of city-regions and their ecological impact on the planet. With his expertise on the study of regulatory frameworks and institutional dynamics, he grasps the pathways towards a form of urbanization that thrives within planetary boundaries. He uses a degrowth perspective on spatial planning.

He is currently coordinating an international ERC-Funded project on urbanization, degrowth and the circular economy. He is founder and coordinator of the Postgrowth Cities Coalition. He is part of the community of de-growth scholars in Europe and The Netherlands. He is coordinator and curator of the Masterstudio Future Cities and co-initiator and advisor of the social-housing cooperative de Nieuwe Meent in Amsterdam.

Practical Information

Date: Tuesday, March 5th
Time: Walk-in 16:00 (possibility to visit the Slow How-exhibition and free coffee and tea during walk-in) | Start of the presentation 16:30 | end of lecture 17:30 with discussion and drinks afterwards.
Location: Arcam
Address: Prins Hendrikkade 600, 1011 VX Amsterdam
Language: English

Tickets: €4,- regular | €2,- Students

Accessibility: Arcam is wheelchair accessible. All floors can be reached via the elevator and there is a modified toilet on the ground floor. If you need extra support (such as a sign language interpreter) to attend this event, please call or email Arcam at 020 620 48 78 or


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