Opening Exhibition Sub terra with Stephen Graham

With the author of the bestseller 'Vertical - The City from Satellites to Bunkers'



You are cordially invited to the festive opening of the new exhibition ‘Sub terra – New roots for underground urbanism’ on Friday 1 October 2021 at 5pm at Arcam.


The exhibition will be officially opened by author Stephen Graham, known for the bestseller ‘Vertical – The City from Satellites to Bunkers’, in which he offers a revolutionary rethinking of the cities we live in, the sky above us, and what happens in the earth beneath our feet.

Sub terra deepens your knowledge of the use of the subsurface through the ages and of future visions on housing shortage, biodiversity and the climate. The exhibition will be on display until February 2021.

It is requiered to RSVP for the opening!


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