Presentation Evening Living Soil: A visual language for urban soil biodiversity

Presentation by Inside Outside and Lectures by Wim van Egmond & Annabel Howland



Inside Outside warmly invite you to an evening of presentations and talks around the wonders of soil life! Join us as we dig into the most biologically rich habitat on Earth.

Language: English



One teaspoon of soil contains more living organisms than there are people in the world! Without this “biological diversity” there would be no terrestrial life.

The evening will feature Inside Outside presenting their research-by-design project Living Soil, together with the micro-photographer Wim Van Egmond, and the artist Annabel Howland, who will present their scientific and artistic projects around soil life.

There is a need for imagination: for new images and stories that boldly tell the complex story of urban nature. Micro Life, Micro Landscapes, Producers, Parasites, Hosts… Soil Life will be in the spotlight , portrayed as science and art at the same time.



Additionally, from June 23rd to July 2nd, you can visit the Exhibition ‘’Living Soil: A visual language for urban soil biodiversity’’, at Arcam’s gallery space.

All exhibitions during Architecture Month are free to visit!
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