E-waste as circulair building component for Private_Eye_Butler_Spy


01.02.22 Arcam

What is the connection between a garlic distribution company, a server refurbishment company, a primary school in Gouda, and an industrial residual waste store? These four completely different companies provide the building components for the exhibition Private_Eye_Butler_Spy, opening on March 11, 2022 at Arcam.

Private_Eye_Butler_Spy focuses on the impact of technology on our physical living environment with video, spatial art works, scale models, architectural projects and speculative, artistic scenarios of this high-tech future. Architect Hanna Rudner is responsible for the exhibition design and organised a workshop with [impromptu] – a collective of recent graduates of Architecture, Urbanism and Industrial Design at TU Delft, in the weekend of 28 and 29 January 2022.


Hanna Rudner: ‘As a direct response to the theme of the exhibition, the concept of the workshop was to interact and repurpose e-waste, as a symbol for the physical artefacts that result from our consumption of the digital sphere – consisting of servers, server cupboards, motherboards, keyboards, videotapes and military signal shielding fabric.



The concept of the workshop was to interact and repurpose e-waste

During the workshop, we experimented and tested different ways of assembling and combining these materials to design exhibition infrastructure, in the form of plinths, walls and signage. The result was a series of prototypes that can display a variety of artistic media whilst exposing the physical remnants of digitalization. It was an exploration into new aesthetic and structural meanings for technological parts that have been removed from their original contexts.

We sourced materials by collaborating with a variety of companies in the region: server refurbishment company iuppiter in Rotterdam, industrial residual waste store Scrap in Rotterdam, a primary school Coornhert Gymnasium in Gouda and a garlic distribution company in Ridderkerk.’

Opening Private_Eye_Butler_Spy
Friday 11 March 2022

Curious about the outcome of the workshop,  the exhibition design and about the storyline and objects on display in the exhibition? Feel welcome to join us for the opening of Private_Eye_Buter_Spy on Friday 11 March 22, from 5-8 pm. Opening programme to be announced soon. Entrance is free as usal.

About [impromptu]

[impromptu] is a young and dynamic collective of architects, urbanists, and spatial designers who are eager to question current processes in architectural practice through experiments in ‘spatial improvisation’ and by acting on local material (over)flows. The collective was established in 2021 during a 10-day spatial improvisation workshop in the French countryside entitled ‘Le Moulin’, organized by Pepijn Determann and Hadrien Cassan, in which 10 participants constructed a pavilion out of local materials accumulated over decades in barns and attics.

e-waste workshop participants: Ron Barten, Clara Beckers, Kaj Boonstra, Kat Bruh, Hadrien Cassan, Pepijn Determann, Diana Dungyova, Pascal Henle, Allard Meijer, Andreea Pirvan, Hanna Rudner, Hannah Sheerin, Kim Sinnige, Jesse Verdoes.

About iuppiter

iuppiter is an independent global distributor of refurbished server components and custom-built used servers. They are an international reseller of all major brand CPU, Memory, Storage, and other server hardware. Working hard to ensure reliability and flexibility to their clients, they bring you the highest-quality hardware at the lowest price possible, with speedy delivery. Browse through their stock at iuppiter.nl.

This workshop has been made possible by [impromptu], iuppiter, Scrap Rotterdam, Coornhert Gymnasium Gouda and Garlic & Spices Ridderkerk

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